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A. The Program Administrator must establish form documents for use with the Program, subject to approval by the Department, and shall work with Capital Providers and other stakeholders to develop and publish a Program Guidebook meeting the requirements of RCW 36.165.020(3). The Department may amend the Program Guidebook as necessary for the efficient administration of this Chapter through the same stakeholder process. In accordance with RCW 36.165.020, the Program Guidebook need not be completed prior to accepting and approving Program applications, so long as the Program complies with the provisions of this Chapter and the C-PACER Act.

B. The form documents, draft Program Guidebook, and Program outline must be submitted in a report to the Council no later than 90 days after the effective date of this Chapter. The report should include sufficient program details to allow Owners and Capital Providers to evaluate whether proposed projects are likely to qualify.

C. The Program Administrator must begin accepting project applications as soon as possible thereafter, but no later than 120 days from the effective date of this Chapter.

(Ord. 2022-12s § 2, 2022)