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County Code
1 General Provisions Revised 2 Administration Amended Revised 3 Personnel Amended 4 Revenue and Finance 4A Impact Fees 5 Business Licenses and Regulations Revised 6 Animals 7 Water Supply 8 Health and Welfare 9 Criminal Code 10 Vehicles, Ferries and Traffic 11 Storm Drainage and Surface Water Management 12 Roads and Rights-of-Way 13 Sewer Code 14 Parks and Recreation 15 Environment 16 Subdivisions and Platting 17A Construction and Infrastructure Regulations – Site Development and Stormwater Drainage 17B Construction and Infrastructure Regulations – Road and Bridge Design and Construction Standards 17C Construction and Infrastructure Regulations – Building and Fire Codes 18 Development Regulations – General Provisions 18A Development Regulations – Zoning Amended 18B Development Regulations – Signs 18C Development Regulations – Storm Drainage and Site Development 18D Development Regulations – Environmental 18E Development Regulations – Critical Areas 18F Development Regulations – Land Divisions and Boundary Changes 18G Development Regulations – Conservation Programs 18H Development Regulations – Forest Practices 18I Development Regulations – Natural Resource Lands 18J Development Regulations – Design Standards and Guidelines 18S Development Policies And Regulations – Shorelines Amended 19A Pierce County Comprehensive Plan 19C Comprehensive Plan Procedures 19D Other Comprehensive Planning Documents Amended 19E Capital Facilities Planning Tables View All →