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A. Permits and Approvals Required. The property owner or authorized agent shall obtain applicable permits and approvals prior to commencing development.

B. Review Types. The purpose of County development proposal review is to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and consistency with the County Comprehensive Plan. Conditions may be imposed by the County to lessen impacts to nearby properties, the community, and to the environment.

1. Administrative Review. Administrative review is utilized when processing applications for land use permits and approvals including but not limited to Administrative Use Permit, Administrative Nonconforming Use Permit, Minor Amendment, Administrative Variance, and Habitat Assessment Review. The Director has authority to grant, grant subject to conditions, deny or modify applications for administrative review.

2. Hearing Examiner Review. Hearing Examiner Review is utilized when processing applications for land use permits and approvals including, but not limited to Conditional Use Permit, Public Facility Permit, Nonconforming Use Permit, Planned Development District, Planned Unit Development, Major Amendment, Variance, and Shoreline Conditional Use Permit for which the Hearing Examiner has authority to grant, deny or modify. Hearing Examiner Review is subject to the procedures outlined in Chapter 1.22 PCC. The process includes public notice of development proposals and an opportunity for public comment.

4. Environmental Regulation Compliance. All development actions shall comply with provisions as set forth in Chapter 43.21C RCW, the State Environmental Policy Act, and Title 18D PCC, Development Regulations – Environmental.

C. Permit Conditions.

1. Compliance. Compliance with conditions established in a permit or approval is required. Any departure from the conditions of approval or approved plans constitutes a violation of this Title and shall be subject to enforcement actions, penalties, and/or revocation of permit or approval (see Chapter 18.140 PCC, Compliance).

2. Relinquishment of Previous Permits or Approvals. A property owner may elect to relinquish a previously approved permit or approval in order to obtain another use or density which is now permitted outright or has been approved through Administrative or Hearing Examiner review. In recognition of the relinquishment, any development authorized by the previous permit or approval shall cease, unless said development is allowed outright in the current zone classification subject to all applicable development standards. The petitioner for relinquishment shall comply with the following process:

a. The property owner must submit the request in writing to PPW. Accompanying the request should be a copy of the original permit or approval.

b. PPW will respond to the owner in writing, and the Examiner, if applicable, once the relinquishment has been processed.

D. Honoring of Approvals. The procedure for implementing projects receiving Use Permits prior to adoption or subsequent amendment of the Comprehensive Plan or other official controls is as follows:

1. Legally existing or established uses shall be allowed to develop on the basis of the controls contained in the permit or decision granting approval of the uses provided that they remain in compliance with the conditions of approval.

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