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Pending Codification
Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 2023-2 Amends §§ 1.28.075 and 2.06.010(G), countywide equity index publication 3/7/2023 Pending 4/1/2023 effective date
Ord. 2023-1s Amends Chs. 2.96 and 2.97, conservation futures program 2/21/2023 Pending 4/1/2023 effective date
Ord. 2022-37s Adds Appendix J to Ch. 18S.70; amends §§ 18S.10.065, 18S30.030, 18S.40.040, 18S.40.140, 18S.60.030 and Appendix A of Ch. 18S.70, shoreline master program 12/13/2022 Pending Department of Ecology approval