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Section 5608 of the International Fire Code is deleted in its entirety and replaced as follows:

A. Public display of fireworks shall be in accordance with Chapters. 70.77 RCW and 212-17 WAC and the following:

A permit will be required for all public displays of fireworks. Any person desiring to put on a public display of fireworks shall apply in writing to the Fire Marshal for a permit at least ten business days in advance of the proposed display. The applicant shall submit information and evidence concerning the following:

1. The name of the organization sponsoring the display, if other than the applicant;

2. The date the display is to be held;

3. The exact location for the display;

4. The name and license number of the pyrotechnic operator who is to supervise discharge of the fireworks, and the name of at least one experienced assistant;

5. The number of set pieces, shells (specify single or multiple break), and other items;

6. The manner and place of storage of such fireworks prior to the display;

7. A diagram of the ground on which the display is to be held showing the point at which the fireworks are to be discharged, the location of all buildings, highways and other lines of communication, the lines behind which the audience will be restrained, and the location of all nearby trees, telegraph or telephone lines, or other overhead obstruction;

8. Applicant shall procure and maintain public liability insurance with limits of not less than $500,000.00 for bodily injury to any one person in one accident or occurrence; $1,000,000.00 for bodily injury to two or more persons in any one accident or occurrence; and $500,000.00 property damage; or, at the option of the applicant, a combined single limit of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. The applicant shall also procure a State Fire Marshal's general license for the public display of fireworks;

9. The fee for each permit for public display of fireworks shall be as specified in International Fire Code Section 105.8 as added herein.

(Ord. 2016-85s § 1 (part), 2016; Ord. 2008-107 § 2 (part), 2008; Ord. 2004-30s § 4 (part), 2004)