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A. The provisions of this Section shall apply to all proposed development meeting the definition in PCC 17B.10.050.

B. The requirements listed in Table 17B.20.050-5 apply to existing local and collector arterial County roads that serve as access to proposed development and which show an increase of 25 or more daily trips.

Table 17B.20.050-5. Minimum Existing Offsite Public Roadway

Width Requirements for Proposed Development 

Average Daily Traffic Volume Including New Development Traffic (1)

50-400 vehicles per day

401-800 vehicles per day

801-1200 vehicles per day

Over 1200 vehicles per day (2)

Paved Road (4)(5):

Pavement width (not including shoulder)





Total roadway width





Unpaved Road (4)(5):

Road width (3)



(1)    If Average Daily Traffic including new development traffic (existing traffic volume plus proposed traffic generation) is less than 50 vehicles per day, then no improvement is necessary. For collector arterial roadways, the above Table shall only apply if the proposed development adds 800 or more daily trips to the roadway.

(2)    If average daily traffic including new development traffic is greater than 2,500 vehicles per day, then the proposed development shall be subject to review by the County Engineer and may be required to improve the existing roadway up to current County standards.

(3)    No new commercial development shall be allowed access using an unpaved road.

(4)    For roadways that require complete new surfaces, the minimum surfacing shall be permeable pavement, if feasible. If all new surfacing is not required, the surfacing identified above is acceptable.

(5)    Permeable pavement shall be designed in accordance with the Pierce County Stormwater Management and Site Development Manual and the Pierce County Road Standards.

C. Proposed developments that do not meet the above outlined Offsite Public Roadway Width Requirements shall be required to improve the existing roadway consistent with Table 17B.20.050-5. Any deviation from these requirements shall require the approval of the County Engineer following the prescribed deviation process in PCC 17B.10.090 A.

(Ord. 2018-68s § 1 (part), 2018; Ord. 2015-55s § 1 (part), 2015; Ord. 2010-70s § 6 (part), 2010)